University Communications
October 24, 2013

Stephen John Hartnett, professor and chair of communication, College of Arts and Sciences, recently published an article “Tibet is Burning’: Competing Rhetorics of Liberation, Occupation, Resistance, and Paralysis on the Roof of the World” in the Quarterly Journal of Speech 99:3 (Aug. 2014): 283-316.

The article analyzes the global response to Tibetan independence. Hartnett writes: “the Chinese have refused to negotiate because they believe the Dalai Lama, his Tibetan supporters, pro-Tibetan Non-Governmental Organizations, and the U.S. in particular continue to ignore China’s rightful claims upon Tibet.”

Harnett’s work also was shared through the National Communication Association’s (NCA) Communication Currents which takes scholarly articles and asks the authors to “translate” them into media-friendly pieces meant to circulate widely. A “translated” version of Hartnett’s article is available online.