University Communications
May 11, 2009

Color photo of Anita Glicken, director of the Child Health Associate/PA program

American Academy of Physician Assistants Honorary Membership

AURORA, Colo. (May 11, 2009) – The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) will award honorary membership to Anita Glicken, MSW, of Denver. Glicken works as director of the University of Colorado Denver’s Child Health Associate/PA Program, where she also is a professor and section head of pediatrics. 

The honorary membership award, which will be presented Friday, May 22, in San Diego at AAPA’s 37th Annual Physician Assistant Conference, is given to PAs or non-PAs who have rendered distinguished service to the PA profession. 

“This award highlights Glicken’s dedication to the profession, as well as her research to support PAs as an essential component to health care delivery,” said AAPA President Cynthia B. Lord. “Glicken truly understands and believes in the PA concept, and as a result, has advanced the profession through her work.” 

Although she is not a PA herself, Glicken has taught and worked alongside PAs for 27 years, researching and gathering data to support PAs as an integral component to health care. Glicken first became actively involved with PA education in 1982, when she signed on as an instructor at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine’s Child Health Associate/PA Program. Glicken has since remained active in PA education, serving as president of the Physician Assistant Education Association; chair of the Faculty Development Institute, Association of Physician Assistant Programs; chair of the Data and Research Workgroup of the Physician Assistant Education Association; and member of the Perspective on PA Education’s Editorial Review Board. 

In addition to working at the UC Denver School of Medicine’s Child Health Associate/PA Program, Glicken currently works with the Colorado Health Institute to collect national data on PAs working inter-professionally and recently served as a member of the Journal of Physician Assistant Education’s Editorial Advisory Board.

“I feel incredibly privileged to be part of a profession that’s so invested in making the world a better place,” said Glicken. “There is a heart and soul to this profession unlike any other I’ve encountered. I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with so many bright, committed, and passionate individuals who really care about patients.”

In recognition of her achievements, Glicken is the sole recipient this year of the honorary membership award, which includes a free, life-time membership in AAPA and all of the privileges of membership, except for voting, holding office, or chairing committees. 


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